Friday, February 1, 2013

JyuDen, or ZyuDen... Kyoryuger Promo

I found this dubbed promo for the next Super Sentai: Kyoryuger, put up by someone on Youtube. Very energetic voice-over! Samba and Dinosaurs?? -- this will certainly make for a fun and entertaining entry in Super Sentai.

I have to wonder, though - which is the proper spelling, "JyuDen" Sentai Kyoryuger, or "ZyuDen" Sentai Kyoryuger? From what I understand, the "Z" version is based on out-dated Romaji translation. Zyuranger had the same thing - but kept the Z, because thats how it was spelled on their weapons. Is the "Z" translation making a come back? Does anyone know which version TV Nihon are going to use? (I assume the dub on that promo was by them; but sometimes they have to course correct when they find they have been translating something wrong.)

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