Sunday, September 15, 2013

Toy Collection

I began watching Akibarangers - and as I'd imagine like many others, the background toys and memorabilia seen in the Secret Base is cause for excitement, seeing all sort of wonderful toys collected together. I recently got a few new figures and trinkets, and decided I might take photos of them and of the rest of my collection and share them with you.

The quality isn't that great, but I tried the best I could with what the iPhone was capable of.

Here's the big spread, showing most of my collection. A mix of Japanese products and Power Ranger toys. (Warning, these images are large)

Here below are some close ups. I included DVDs, and other Tokusatsu products.

One of my biggest regrets was, before I really knew much about Super Sentai, I got rid of many of my original Power Ranger toys. (I'm speaking of the original Megazord, and the Thunderzords) Boy, does it hurt knowing I gave them up at a garage sale! But, of the survivors, are these morphing figures. (I remember being so excited to find these toys, all on sale at the same time, when I was very very young. Getting the whole group was quite catch.


One Lord Zedd Putty survived, and the later releases of the White and Green Ranger.

 The S.H. Figuarts have become an important new goal in my collecting. The finely posable figures really exceed expectations, of what an action figure can be. Here are Geki and Burai, along with the recently released Metal Megazord. (Warning, first image is large)

Samurai Ha-Oh has got to be the jewel treasure of my collection. During the airing of Shinkenger, I slowly bought up all the robot toys -- directly from Japan. This photo had an awesome shine to it, all by accident.

 S.H. Figuarts actually released Shinken Red and Shinken Gold directly to Toys R Us one year. It became a chore to find them, but they where well worth it. (They are even better, now that I have Fiugarts stands, to display them with.)

Power Rangers Jungle Fury holds another special place in my heart - as its through this series (and youtube), that I was exposed to its original format: that of Juken Sentai Gekiranger. Luckily, the toys released in America stood in very well for the original characters.

Power Rangers R.P.M. nicely stood in for Engine Sentai Go-Onger toys.

Power Ranger Mega Force toys (at least the robots), likewise where good substitutes for the original Japanese figures of Tensou Sentai Goseiger.

This little toy is of the robot from Bioman. It was from a blind box of Sentai Robots - so I was pretty pleased with what I got.

Here's the result of a blind box purchase that didn't turn out like I was hoping for. Instead of a mini Ultraman - I got one of his monsters. Cute little guy, though!

This little guy didn't come in a blind box - I knew what I was getting. I just got this and the Ultraman monster today; so I'm pretty happy to add them both to my collection.

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