Saturday, November 16, 2013

Barns and Noble, Now Featuring Figuarts and More!

I had some waiting to do at the mall, so I decided to go to Barns and Noble. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to find what I found: a Tamashi stand, featuring not only Gundam, One Piece, Dragon Ball and Mega Man items -- but also amazingly Super Sentai products!!!

OK, the Super Sentai items where marked as Power Rangers -- but it was the same Japanese merchandise, for sale in a regular American store! They had Red and Green Rangers (noticeably sold out, except for the ones on display) - along with Boukenger two-pack of Black and Blue Rangers. I was very excited to see all of this (in any store), let alone Barns and Noble! But - these Figuart toys actually seem perfect for BarnsandNoble. Ever since being exposed to Tamashi products and stands, I've begun regarding the figures as book-shelf worthy (even keeping the figures, when not in use, on the book shelf in their original boxes.)

I walked out of the store with one Tamashi Stage set (for around $18), and also bought Daizyujin, otherwise known as the Power Rangers Megazord. This ultra-posable figure came in for what you'd expect to pay online, around $60 -- but finding it in the store, no loops to jump through, was simply great.

Seriously - if you want to see this kind of thing in Barns and Noble in the future - then I hope you'll consider visiting your local store and supporting this move. NOTE: Not all locations carry these items. I checked another location, to see if they had similar items for sale, but they did not. Still, for those stores that do have them, if they see actual sales of these items, they might continue to do bring over more figures. It looks like you can find them for sale on their website as well (Red Ranger as an example) -- with in-store pickup available.

Among the other items I saw on sale there, were Gundam figure kits, One Piece collectable statues, and Dragon Ball Figuarts and Statues. Mega Man was also on display, with Bass, Mega Man X, and Vile. When I got there, there was only a single Tamashi Stage left to pick up; I always need them, so it was cool to find a 3-pack of Stages at all, since they are a pain to order online.

Discovering this really did take my breath away! So please support this, so we'll see stuff like this more in the future.

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