Monday, June 24, 2013


Another Spirit Ranger was introduced in Kyouryuuger. I believe the actor who played Bouken Silver is portraying this new character. Too bad he's not KyouryuuSilver! Also, in this new role, he has a lot less hair.

You can find KyouryuuGrey's Profile here

Here are some other new images.

You can find this image added here: KyouryuuRed Profile

You can find this image added here: KyouryuuGold Profile

You can find this image added here: KyouryuuCyan Profile

Kyouryuuger Group Image
You can find this image added here: Kyouryuuger Group Images

Kyouryuuger Robots
You can find this image added here: Kyouryuuger Robots

Ranger Profile: Kyouryuuger KyouryuuGrey

Tessai (鉄砕)/KyouryuuGray (キョウリュウグレー Kyōryū Gurē)

"Charging Brave" (激突の勇者 Gekitotsu no Yūsha)

Tessai is the third ancient Kyouryuuger to reveal himself. He is a focused martial artist, the creator of the Tessai-Ken (鉄砕拳 Tessaiken) style, from 6th century China who regards himself as an embodiment of the Yinyang concept while causing him to be remarkably hard-headed. His signature move is the Violent Charge (激烈突破 Gekiretsu Toppa). When the Deboth Army attacked his homeland long ago, Tessai became Bunpachy's partner and fought the threat as KyouryuuGray (キョウリュウグレー Kyōryū Gurē). In present day, sensing that the Deboth Army have gotten stronger, Tessai travels to Japan to provide the current Kyoryugers with Bunpachy. However, seeing them in action against Debo Nagareboshi, Tessai deems only Utsusemimaru a worthy person to entrust his Zyudenryu to and decides to test the main Kyouryuugers' worth. Although the rest of the team passes his trials, Tessai deems Daigo a hopeless cause as he has no weaknesses to overcome to become stronger and insists that Daigo to be kicked off the team before he can give them Bunpachy.