Friday, February 28, 2014

Ranger Villain Profile: Kyouryuuger Deathryuuger

Ferocious Knight D (獰猛の戦騎D Dōmō no Senki Dī) is an ancient warmonger who was among the first of Chaos's creations in response to the emergence of Tobaspino. In his mission to harvest the emotional energy of the dinosaurs, D took control of the Zyudenryu Tobaspino and used it to wipe out the dinosaurs before the singing voice of Mikoto Amano's ancestor restored enough of its freewill to crush him. During the events of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Gaburincho of Music, after being resurrected by Chaos and receiving the Deathryuger Zyudenchi to become the navy blue Kyoryuger-like Deathryuger (デスリュウジャー Desuryūjā), D captures Mikoto to use her singing voice to revive Tobaspino while cutting his ties to the Deboss Army, using Tobaspino and a captured Ankydon and Bunpachy to form Spinodai-Oh and uses the Zyudenryu formation to destroy the world with its Super Destroying Light Bullet (超破滅光弾 Chō Hametsu Kōdan). But knocked out of Spinodai-Oh, D falls to his death after being mortally wounded by Kyoryu Red. However, having evolved into a more powerful red form with and War Spear-Sword (ウォー槍刀 Wōsōdō) and needing drinks of Restoration Water to maintain his powers, D escapes from Deboss Hell and orchestrates a scheme to use Mikoto's singing voice to raise an army of the dead to conquer the world. When the Kyoryugers foil his plans, D enlarges himself to destroy the world before he is hindered by Mikoto's singing as Spinodai-Oh destroys him.

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