Sunday, February 23, 2014

ToQger has Arrived at the Station!

ToQger has Arrived!

Watching the first episode -- and seeing the emphasis on imagination as the driving power source of the Rangers, my thought that this series is going to be disliked by some people is more assured. But it looks like it has a lot of promise! It's like a technicolor rainbow -- more than usual, for a Sentai series, and it looks great! It just needs to be given a chance by fans! Here's hoping the series does well, and is received well! What is your opinion of the series?

Here are pages, set up, with images for all the major characters. You might notice a Green image in ToQ 5gou (the Pink one) -- Transferring Colors between characters is certainly going to make things interesting! Oh, and farther below I have two new images of Kotoha, from Super Taisen Z (Wizard vs Gaven). I loved that little cameo for her!

ToQ 1gou Red
ToQ 2gou Blue
ToQ 3gou Yellow
ToQ 4gou Green
ToQ 5gou Pink

You can find these images added here: ShinkenYellow Profile

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