Thursday, February 20, 2014

ToQger - Pulling into the Station!

ToQger is quickly pulling into the station, replacing Kyouryuuger as the new Super Sentai Series. I have to say, I think a lot of fans might be initially disappointed with the direction Super Sentei is going in. ToQger looks to be a more juvenile and kid-friendly show than Kyouryuuger ever was. Let me say - that shouldn't deter any fans from getting onboard and giving it a try! The outward appearance of juvenility has always been present with Super Sentai (it is a kids show, after all) -- just, luckily for us for so long, many aspects of the series of past have crossed over to more mature themes and action. I recall how silly a series like Go-Onger was, at first, and how high-octane a series it became as it developed. So don't let the colorful trappings necessarily fool you - ToQger might be a great series in the long run! Thinking about it, though, perhaps it will be going in another vein all-together -- that of a comic self parody?! The costumes just remind me of CarRanger a lot, which was essentially a Spoof of Super Sentai in-of-itself. I don't think thats the case here; but you never know.

What I do hope to see, though, seeing as this is a Train-Based Super Sentai, is for it to see a cross-over with Kamen Rider Den-O! I know, it's been a while since the Color Movies, which brought the series to a close - but it just seems too perfect, to match up together (in some way) the likes of Momotaros and company.

Here are new pages, for ToQger images:

I'll be adding pages of the individual characters soon. Here, also, are a few more Kyouryuuger images I wanted to add.

You can find this image added here: KyouryuuRed Profile

Dentetsu Kiryu
You can find these images added here: Dentetsu Kiryu Profile

Many-Faced High Priest Chaos
You can find this image added here: High Priest Chaos Profile

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