Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ranger Ally Profile: Kyouryuuger of 2114

2114 Kyoryugers In the year 2114, one hundred years after the adventures of the previous Kyoryuger team, Canderrilla and Luckyulo recruit a new team of Kyoryugers to fight the revived members of the Deboss Army. Though they originally have different Zyudenryu partners, the Kyoryugers inherit the roles of their ancestral predecessors when they meet them, and a youthful version of Souji, face-to-face.

- Dai-kun (ダイくん): The great-grandson of Daigo and Amy, he gained the ability Kyoryu Navy (キョウリュウネイビー Kyōryū Neibī?) with Topaspino as his Zyudenryu partner. Unlike his great-grandfather, Dai-kun is weak in both mind and body.
- Icchan (イッちゃん Itchan): A descendant of Ian Yorkland who is a womanizing musician before becoming the new Kyoryu Silver before inheriting the ability to become Kyoryu Black.
- Nobuta-san (ノブ太さん): A descendant of Nobuharu Udo, he is Rika's grandson from the Tōhoku region's countryside who is the new Kyoryu Blue.
- Soujirou (ソウジロウ Sōjirō): The great-grandson of Souji Rippukan, Soujirou is more impatient than his great-grandfather and becomes the new Kyoryu Grey before inheriting the ability to become Kyoryu Green.
- Big Sis Ami (アミねえさん Ami Neesan): The great-granddaughter of Daigo and Amy, she is more straight forward and gutsy compared to her great grandmother as she first becomes the new Kyoryu Cyan and then inherits the ability to become Kyoryu Pink.
- Uppie (ウッピー Uppī): A descendant of Utsusemimaru, Uppie is a flashy pro-bowler who became popular in the bowling boom of 2114. While he first becomes the new Kyoryu Violet, Uppie inherits the ability to become Kyoryu Gold.

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