Monday, March 3, 2014

Ranger Villain Profile: Kyouryuuger Endolf

Resentful Knight Endolf (怨みの戦騎エンドルフ Urami no Senki Endorufu) is an embodiment of Deboss's hatred created by Chaos after seeing that resentment is the ideal emotion to battle the Kyouryuugers. Despite not being a general himself though more powerful, Endolf's task is to further Deboss' evolution by aiding the other Deboss Knights and targeting the Kyouryuugers themselves. He tends to say "My head aches" (頭が痛てぇ Atama ga itē) in relating to those he hates. He is armed with the MunekagaMirror (ムネカガミラー Munekagamirā), the TekagaMirror (テカガミラー Tekagamirā?), and the candlestick-like RosoCrusher (ローソクラッシャー Rōsokurasshā) gun that doubles as the hilt of his sword. Endolf cooperates very well with Aigallon and Canderrilla, though, he makes an enemy out of Dogold, and is distrusted by Luckyulo. Endolf ultimately ends up becoming the Raging Knight's host after being weakened at his defeat by Kyoryu Red Samba Carnival, warning Dogold that he would regret the action. By Christmas time, Endolf's threat becomes a reality as he amassed enough hatred to manipulate Dogold and arranged his freedom with the aid of Combined Debo Yanasanta x345. Though stopped from exacting revenge by Canderrilla and Aigallon, Endolf becomes Chaos's new right hand with Dogold as his lackey. However, believing that he broke Dogold into his personal slave, Endolf is caught off guard when Dogold turns on him and aids Utsusemimaru in destroying him.

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