Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ranger Villain Profile: Kyouryuuger Deboss

Dark Species Deboss (暗黒種デーボス Ankokushu Dēbosu) is the creator of the Deboss referred to as the "Star Illness" (星の病 Hoshi no Yamai) who is still frozen from their first invasion. Deboss is a plant-like being that was created by a mysterious figure for the purpose of becoming the ultimate being. To that end, becoming known as a "Planetary Illness" (星の病 Hoshi no Yamai), Deboss travels to many worlds to find dominant life forms and study their traits. Once evolved into a form reflecting the targeted species, with trace elements of the previous species, Deboss would then leave the planet to unleash a melody that reduces it into a lifeless world. In the caterpillar-like dinosaur form he assumed during the Mesozoic, Deboss is armed with electric Shock Tentacles (ショック触手 Shokku Shokushu) and the HoShock Jaws (捕ショックジョーズ Hoshokku Jōzu) forearms with his signature attack being the HorobireBurst (ホロビレバースト Horobirebāsuto). After Torin betrayed the Deboss Army, Deboss' heart is critically damaged by Bragigas's Gigant Cannon with his lifeless body frozen by Torin and sealed within Antarctic seabed where it became the Frozen Castle (氷結城 Hyōketsujō) from which the Deboss Army's members are based. Though partially thawed, Deboss remains inactive as his resurrection through the energy of emotions to adapt for humanity's extinction becomes the current objective of the Deboss Army. Though eventually stirring, affecting them by increasing their abilities, Deboss lacks the amount of emotions needed to be revived before Chaos subjects his creator to a large amount of Restoration Water to be forcefully resurrected. The result of this is that Deboss is rendered mindless and attacks his own creations until Chaos calms Deboss down. Daigo reveals that the monster fears the Kyoryugers' Brave before being apparently destroyed by Bakuretsu Kyoryuzin.

Despite his apparent destruction, Deboss transfers his heart into Chaos to escape death, with his body reverted into its Frozen Castle form to regenerate in the ocean. After the needed quota of rage was obtained during Christmastime, Deboss fully awakens once Chaos's New Knights obtain the amount of joy and sadness required to understand humans. Briefly possessing Chaos' body long enough to transfer back into his original body to begin his evolution, Deboss sets up the Darkness Clock to occur within 50 hours. Concentrating his consciousness into one cocoon-like fragment that disconnects from his body, Deboss completes his evolution into the humanoid Transcendenterfly God Deboss (蝶絶神デーボス Chōzetsushin Dēbosu). Armed with both DeboStick (デーボステッキ Dēbosutekki) staff and a knowledge of the human melody, Deboss is faster and stronger than his previous state with the ability to perform the Transcendenterfly Hammer (蝶絶の鉄槌 Chōzetsu no Tettsui) attack and can enlarge on his own by removing his DeboStole (デーボストール Dēbosutōru).
When setting his final plans of planetary genocide in motion with the Darkness Clock, Deboss uses his dark melody to prevent the Kyouryuugers from transforming while sending his minions to dispatch them before they use the empowered Maximum and Victory Zyudenchi on him. With the other Kyouryuugers remaining behind to hold off the Deboss Army, pushing Amy out of harm's way, Daigo confronts Deboss himself. Though overpowered, Daigo becomes empowered by the Earth's true melody and that of his friends as he uses Kyoryu Carnival with the Maximum and Victory Zyudenchi to finally destroy Deboss while the Zyudenryu destroy the Frozen Palace.

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