Monday, May 26, 2014

Ranger Villain Profile: Kyouryuuger Bordoss

Giant Space Dinosaur Bordoss (宇宙大恐竜ボルドス Uchū Dai Kyōryū Borudosu) is an evil entity similar to Deboss, created from the combined hatred of the defeated Dezumozorlya (enemy to the Abarangers) and Dai-Satan (enemy to the Zyurangers), and thus hated anything dinosaur-related. Bordoss creates Neo-Gairton and Neo-Grifforzer as his servants, revives Vaglass, and captures Tyranno Ranger and AbaRed to make them temporarily evil in order to harness the dark "Dino Hope" (ダイノホープ Daino Hōpu) for him to complete his evolution.

Bordoss also has Kyouryuugers under his control, attempting to use them in killing off the Zyudenryu by sending them back in time to go after their partners while they are still normal dinosaurs. Luckily, the Kyouryuugers break free of Bordoss' control as they team up with the Zyurangers and the Abarangers to fight Bordoss' minions. Upon reaching his evolved form with Neo-Grifforzer's sacrifice, Bordoss overpowers Kyoryuzin, Abarenoh, and Daizyuzin until the three dinosaur mecha use the Go-Busters' Tategami Lioh to focus their powers to obliterate him.

Neo-Grifforzer (ネオグリフォーザー Neogurifōzā) is created from the residual hatred of the Bandora Gang who served under Dai-Satan before they were sealed, created in the image of the group's member Grifforzer. After being defeated by the Zyurangers, he takes the full brunt of the Dinosaur Sentai teams' combined attacks and kept the energy long enough to sacrifice himself to complete Bordoss' evolution.

Neo-Gairton (ネオガイルトン Neogairuton) is created from the residual hatred of the Evoliens that served under Dezumozorlya, created in the image of the Gairton armor from Dino Earth that was used by the Evoliens' Ryujin members. After being defeated by the Abarangers while Bordoss was destroyed soon after, Neo-Gairton uses the remaining Vaglass data to evolve into Neo-Messiah (ネオメサイア Neomesaia). However, Neo-Messiah is destroyed by the ToQgers before he could do anything with his new power.

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