Monday, July 7, 2014

Yellow Ranger, Zyuranger S.H. Figuarts

I wanted to share this -- the completion of my long-sought S.H. Figuarts collection of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger figures!

Boi arrived in the mail today, ordered from CSToys. I don't know if they will be getting more in stock, but here is where I bought it. I had to pay for it before it came out -- but it was one of the few places I could find that was selling the male-version of the Yellow Ranger. (After several emails, asking about it, BigBadToyStore failed to make the Japanese version available; which I'm still pretty annoyed about.) Other places, I'd suggest if you want to get the male version, is the always handy ebay. Yet, just looking at the listings now, under "Tiger Ranger Figuarts" - I'm seeing $60 plus for this figure! Who knew the female American Yellow Ranger (a variant) would be more easily accessible and better priced ($40, on, than the original version of the character. Oh well.

Strangely, though, now I sort of want the female version too -- just so I can put the American Power Ranger group together too! Maybe I'll ask for it for Christmas!

Anyway -- most people won't care wether the Yellow Ranger is a boy or a girl -- the fact the whole group is available, and assessable, to fans and collectors is a great thing! The figures are awesome, detailed, and highly posable -- probably the best figure representation we could have ever asked for with these characters.

If you haven't picked up any yet, but still want to, I'd suggest buying them soon. With the exception of Boi, Bluefin has been great about bringing the figures over to America, for usually $40 a figure -- available through Amazon, or Barnsandnoble. Some figures, though, might begin to sell for more, as stocks deplete. Amazon already is listing the Green Ranger for around $80. (Though I know he can be found, in certain select Barnsandnoble stores/plus, he's still going for around $40 to $50 on ebay)


  1. i ordered my pink ranger yesterday from amazon i will get it tomorrow

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