Monday, September 8, 2014

Gaim, Zyuranger, ToQger, Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles...?

I wanted to apologize for not posting anything lately. I haven't even gotten a profile up of ToQger's 6th Ranger. I don't know if I will, for a while. Several factors come into it -- one being, the website that use to post Super Sentai Images each week went away. Other factors...

If you read my other blog, I've recently been very interested in talking about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and also Usagi Yojimbo.

As for Super Sentai. I feel like ToQger just killed all the momentum I had for the franchise. Its not that its a bad show - but it just doesn't feel like its in my wheelhouse anymore. I hope the next Super Sentai has a more serious and action packed tone, ala Shinkenger, Gokaiger, Gekiranger, ect... Has anyone else been disappointed with ToQger? I tried to be optimistic at first - but it just didn't draw me in, like Super Sentai series usually do. I wonder how the series was received in Japan? (If anyone knows the answer, please leave a message in the comments below!)

That disinterest seemed to permeate over to Kamen Rider Gaim. Yet, finally, I feel like I'm ready to dig into the series (seeing as its nearing completion).

Always fun - for when the series is ending - is the Complete Music Collection that is released. Click here for it!

Oh - and there is the minor little thing of Zyuranger being licensed in America, brought over by Shoutfactory. I really stand stunned and amazed by this news! I never thought it would happen! Yet, with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers getting a reboot movie - I suppose Shoutfactory saw an opportunity to bring over the original series. I've been following their Mighty Morphin Power Ranger DVD releases -- never in my wildest dreams did I think Zyuranger itself would be brought over to America. This is beyond stunning!

I'd advise anyone, who wants to see Super Sentai in a legitimate form, accessible in America - to please buy  this series when its released! Maybe Shoutfactory will move onto other Super Sentai series, if they see there is serious interest in bringing over the original source material.

Speaking of Power Rangers -- I've been watching the current series, and been quite disappointed with it. While Power Rangers Samurai tried to bring over the original plots of episodes, Super Megaforce has been a smash-together of Goseiger and Gokaiger, resulting in a really weird show. They don't even acknowledge that they look like pirates! Oh well.... I hope the series is doing well, regardless. I still look forward to the return of Tommy, and the Legendary War. (Though it took them nearly all year, to even get more than 7 episodes on the air! Super Mega Annoying!) Its still interesting to see how they utilize the Japanese footage, though. DinoCharge comes next -- this time with the first black Pink Ranger. I'm concerned, though, about the blue Ranger - because early casting seemed to indicate he would be some kind of cave man. That just seems weird. Oh well.

So - leave comments if you'd like. What are you looking forward to, in the world of Tokusatsu? Did ToQger disappoint you as well? What are you hoping for, now that a legitimate Super Sentai series is being licensed over in America?

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