Saturday, April 19, 2014

Super Sentai Behind the Scenes

I don't run into it very often, but when I do run into Tokusatsu Behind the scenes info and footage, I find it very interesting. Here are some videos from Youtube. If you know of any more behind the scenes videos, about Tokusatsu shows, then please leave a comment and link if possible.

This is RARE footage, which Jeff Pruitt provided on his Youtube Channel. (Pruitt worked on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers). The footage has some narration, to tell you what is happening. It shows shooting for Dairanger.

Another video from Jeff Pruitt shows us Zyu2 Footage. These are scenes specifically ordered for the Power Rangers show, but filmed using the Japanese suit actors. There's no sound, though.

Here, you can also see a behind the scenes footage about Jeff Pruitt and the Stunt Team when on Power Rangers. It shows some of the actors, and the processes they went through to come up with all the hand-to-hand putty battles they had to create. Here's a link to the video.

Here is a video, by Tokusatsu Network, interviewing Robert Baldwin, who played KyouryuuCyan in Kyouryuuger. The interview is very long, but interesting.