Monday, November 10, 2014

Zyuranger - DVD Pre-Order!!!

I was amazed by the news that Shout Factory has decided to officially release Super Sentai content, here in America for the first time!

I was even more happy to run into their pre-order page, for Super Sentai Zyuranger, on Its listed at $54.99, but selling at 38.49. (As of writing this). I'm quite happy with both those prices - seeing as this is a collection of 50 episodes. If shoutfactory wants to continue bringing over Super Sentai (and that package design and text sure looks like they do), staying at that reasonable price, something like Dairanger could be brought over as well.

Anyway -- here is the link to their pre-order page. It releases February 17th, 2015. This is an incredible deal, and a once-in-a-life-time chance to actually show Toei that Americans are interested in buying Super Sentai. If you've watched the series online - and always wished there was a legitimate way to support the series (besides Power Rangers) - this is it. Give Shoutfactory a reason to bring over more classic Sentai series. Heck, maybe even more modern series like Gekiranger, Shinkenger, or even Gokaiger will be considered, if it sells well enough.

As for Zyuranger -- this will be a great series for American to get to see!

Witness the real struggle between estranged brothers, Geki and Burai - with Burai giving up his vengeful path of evil, joining the team -- but tragically being cut down and dying during the series.

See the original Rita Repulsa, the Evil Witch Bandora, who literally leaps from Grims Fairy Tales, more than willing to kill children, or just plain make them cry.

Witness incredible Godzilla style fights, between fearsome monsters - no longer cut up, or laced with cheezy one-liners.

Enjoy the crazy things only Japan could have inspired - like the All Food Consuming Pig, stop traffic light Turtle, and more! (The rat-tailed island of dinosaur worshipers is really going to confuse people too!)

Also - see Boi as, well, as a Boy -- no longer gender confused, or trying to fill a quota of two girls on the team.

I hope lots of people pre-order the series. Let Shoutfactory and Toei know you're interested in seeing more, also!