Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kamen Rider Music on iTunes!!!

Surprise surprise! I look on iTunes, and there it is, all for sale and download: the final compilation of Kamen Rider Gaim music "Music Arms"!

I had previously bought the physical CD from CDJapan -- but its very encouraging to see a recently completed Tokusatsu series getting a Western Download release. They had previously released music for Super Sentai, the main songs of each series - up to Gokaiger; but they never followed it up with future series or soundtracks. Kamen Rider, which is usually a harder and more expensive to get a hold of their music, was nowhere to be seen either. Until now!

So, really, take advantage of this release - and show Toei there is American interest in their Japanese Pop Music! The music in "Kamen Rider Gaim Music Arms" is excellent, and should be listened to by everyone!

There also is some Kamen Rider Girls music -- and, I hope, maybe we'll eventually see Kamen Rider Drive music down the road!

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