Monday, March 9, 2015

Ranger Villain Profile: ToQger Zett

Emperor of Darkness Zett (闇の皇帝ゼット Yami no Kōtei Zetto) is the human-like ruler of the Shadow Line who is the embodiment of the purest form of darkness, responsible for dragging Subarugahama into the developing Shadow Line. But despite his nature as a being of the dark, Emperor Zett has an unhealthy obsession with light as a result of coming into contact with Right after being attracted by Subarugahara's festival lights. Emperor Zett has his followers work to gather the darkness in human hearts to complete the railway so he will gain a full physical presence in the human world, having them believe that he will spare those he deems too loyal and valuable to be destroyed. When he finally arrives from the World of Darkness, recognizing the ToQgers as the children who escaped Subarugahama, Emperor Zett developed an interest in Right before revealing his identity and having Lamp Shadow erase the memories of the youth's friends as an experiment to test the ToQgers' light. Though he originally was unable to remain in the light for long periods of time, Emperor Zett removes that weakness by having Miss Glitta swallow him during their wedding and then later absorbs her from the inside to obtain her "light". Emperor Zett then dispatches General Schwarz and tells the main ToQgers he will claim their light next. However, when his caregiver Marchioness Mork moves into Castle Terminal, she tells him that his obsession with the ToQgers' light would be his downfall if he lacks the means to consume them in his darkness. But as Emperor Zett learns that he could not fully absorb Miss Glitta's light he believed, only able to assume a flawed version of his true form with use of the Imperial Killer Sword (皇帝系キラーソード Kōtei-kei Kirā Sōdo), it would later be revealed that Emperor Zett's full power is kept in check by Miss Glitta's presence as he becomes increasingly moody and more of a loose cannon. During the zenith of the Darkness Decline, using up his power in fending off General Schwarz and Zaram while stealing the AppliChanger from the latter, Emperor Zett briefly loses control over his body to Miss Glitta as she reveals to the ToQgers that she needs to remain inside the Emperor's body for everyone's sake. But when General Schwarz and Madame Noir succeed in freeing Miss Glitta, they unknowingly allow Emperor Zett to achieve his full potential as he assumes a form reflecting the vast darkness now unleashed from his body: Z-Shin (ゼット・真 Zetto Shin). This action initially makes Emperor Zett more mentally unstable than before, Miss Glitta fearing he has become a threat to both the Rainbow Line and the Shadow Line as his power creates a protective barrier around Castle Terminal. Once he claimed down, accepting he can never have the light as his own, Emperor Zett learns the reason for his obsession for Right while learning that part of his being entered the youth's body. This combined with Miss Glitta's reasons for her final act against him convinces Emperor Zett to mount an assault on the world and drown it in darkness while destroying any remaining light, sparing Right's life long enough to see the darkness spewed from the Dark Behemoth consumes everything in its path. But after the Dark Behemoth is destroyed, after being mortally wounded by the ToQgers' Rainbow Rush, Emperor Z absorbs Nero and Mork to heal his injuries while increasing Z-Shin form's power before he is defeated by Right as Rainbow ToQ 1gou using the Hyper Last Train Crash. Seeing a rainbow before his body explodes into a storm of darkness, Emperor Zett's essence was retrieved by Glitta and he reconstitutes as they return to the Shadow Line.

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