Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ranger Villain Profile: ToQger Marchioness Mork

Marchioness Mork (モルク侯爵 Moruku-kōshaku) is the oldest of the Shadow Line residents, armed with the Marchioness Mic Rod (侯爵系マイクロッド Kōshaku-kei Maiku Roddo) that fires green energy, who personally raised Emperor Zett to the point of being informal around him despite their status. Despite her age she is shown to be capable of holding her own in a four way battle between herself, General Schwartz, Madame Noir, and Right. While originally in charge of overseeing Shadow Towns with her MoYa (モヤ) designated Keepers, Marchioness Mork moves into Castle Terminal to make several improvements in light of various events ranging from Emperor Zett's obsession with light to the dissension among their ranks. While Marchioness Mork led a successful take-over of the Hyper Ressha, she becomes mortified with Zett as his inability to extinguish Miss Glitta cost them their prize in the end. Marchioness Mork also expected Madame Noir's treachery, her distrust verified during the Darkness Decline before attempting to retrieve Emperor Zett and extinguish Glitta when Castle Terminal emerges from the Shadow Line. Though she delights in her leader's new form after Miss Glitta was removed from his body, Marchioness Mork ends up being mercilessly attacked by Z-Shin. Afterwards, using Dollhouse Shadow to reveal the truth behind Emperor Zett's light obsession, Mork watches the Shadow Line's endgame unfold. After being defeated by the ToQgers sans ToQ 1gou and ToQ 6gou, Mork sacrifices herself to heal Emperor Zett's wounds.

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