Friday, March 13, 2015

ToQger - Awesome Toys and Music

Even after watching the series, ToQger is firmly entrenched in my mind right now.

I talked before, about the various ToQger toys, on sale on Amazon. I took advantage of those sales -- even getting Tei-Oh!!!

I've received Toq-Oh, and the pieces to complete Diesel-Oh -- and, I gotta say, every thing negative ever thought about these toys (especially when they where first announced) is just all wrong! These toys are awesome!!! Not since Shinkenger, have I decided to go out of my way and collect all the main robots in the line. Right now I can build the bigger version -- Cho Toq-Oh - and I'm looking forward to the likes of Build Dai-Oh to arrive -- so I can complete Cho Cho Toq Dai-Oh! (I just LOVE that name! Building up to the pun of "Choo-Choo")

Now -- when I decided to get Tei-Oh, thats when I DID go insane. Though, getting him for $90 (free shipping), on Amazon is pretty good. But -- I've been watching videos of these toys for days now, and everything negative that can be said, I've heard about Tei-Oh - and his final combination of Toq Rainbow. The toy is a massive brick -- no way around it. No electronics; the absolute minimum of articulation, and his final combination leaves out whole parts of various robots. All true about this toy. BUT - I still think its awesome! It looks awesome in the show, and I really think I'll like it displayed in my home -- large brick-like body and all.

Yet - getting to Toq Rainbow isn't easy! You don't just need Tei-Oh. I was already planning on getting Police and Fire Ressha; the only two Ressha remaining where Shield Ressha and Drill Ressha. The problem with those Ressha is that they are sold along with cosplay items -- things you don't necessarily want to buy. Still, the cheapest solution for Shield Ressha is to simply buy the darn belt: it cost $20 on Amazon. The belt at least makes a good display piece.

As for the Drill Ressha.... It comes with ToQ 6's Yudo Breaker, for $60. Just to get the little Drill, $60 is too much. So I went to ebay, and got the SG Drill Ressha, a candy toy, for around $7, with $4 shipping. Don't mistakenly buy a miniplay version, though!!! (thats for smaller versions of the robots). Just type in "Drill Ressha", and something should come up. Right now, I'm seeing it for $10 to $15. Sometimes sold with band-aids, for some reason!!

Now, getting the candy toy Drill Ressha comes with a downside -- it doesn't connect with the robot arms, or anything like that. What it does connect with, though, are the ToQ Changer (giving you the Drill Sounds), and with Toq Rainbow!!!

Remember how Akira bargained with Schwarz for the Drill Ressha, in episode 35? They needed the Drill Ressha, so they could activate Toq Rainbow and save the Rainbow Terminal. So buying this candy toy sort of feels like that -- like I'm coming in and at the end, with the final Ressha, to complete Toq Rainbow!

Oh -- and Safari Gao Oh was just really cheap, at $35, free shipping. (It's now returned to being $45) A space train, turning into a lion, doesn't make much sense; but then, it doesn't have to.

So I pretty much bought all the major robots now! Did I got insane, like the conductor did long ago?

But, that isn't all! I finally got the CD, ToQger Rainbow Rush, from Amazon!

The music on ToQger was just awesome -- and this soundtrack comes loaded with great songs (even some sung by the singer from Gaoranger). It also comes with some corny songs, and funny ones too. Ticket and Wagon's songs are particularly humorous (even though I have no idea what they are saying!) All the character songs are here -- some are hit or miss. Tokacchi's tune seems a bit lame, but ToQ 6 comes with another good song, and the Shadow Line delivers some wonderful tunes, notably from Baron Nero, Zett, and Schwarz.

Glitter particularly has a wonderful singing voice!

Adding toys and music CDs to the experience of such a wonderful and fun series -- its sort of like adding the cherry on top (but at the very end) to a very satisfying sunday.

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