Sunday, March 1, 2015

ToQger - Return Trip; Now Boarding

I swear, this happened with Kyouryuuger. I didn't understand got get the first few episodes -- so I ignored the series. Later that year, I give it another chance, and suddenly Its the Best Super Sentai EVER!!!

Well, ToQger has a lot to do to reach the lofty height of Kyouryuuger, but I picked up where I left off (episode 3), and it suddenly all clicked for me. The plot suddenly became engaging - the characters understandable -- I don't know what it was about that particular episode, but everything about it suddenly "worked" for me.

I know a lot of fans might not have liked ToQger as much as previous seasons. Its understandable; seeing as I was skipping it myself. Yet there's something really charming and cute about the series -- the use of Imagination, Trains, and their fight against the Shadow Line are more engaging that the first two episodes lead me to believe. So I'm giving the series another chance!

The end of the Sentai series, sometimes, is advantageous as well -- as there are sales for the products, as the new Sentai series takes priority. I wanted to point some of these items out:

ToQ-Oh -- the main Giant Robot of the series, is selling for $52 on Amazon! I know the robots get a bit "complicated" as ToQger goes on, adding more and more piles of trains to the assortment; but their original 5  Train Set Robot really stood out on its own.

Henshin Bracelet - or Transformation/Changing Bracelet, is only $19 right now! This Bracelet works in conjunction with the Train parts from the main robot, for Transfering Colors between characters. End of the day - it makes cool sounds, and makes a cool Cosplay Piece.

You can also buy ToQ-Oh With the Henshin Bracelet, in one package. It comes to around the same price. (Yet it doesn't come with the extra Red Ressha, that you would otherwise get if bought them separately.)

ToQger Rainbow Rush CD - The Zenkyokushu (or Final CD) of the series, giving you all the main songs! It comes to a little under $40. I always love being able to get all the music of the series.

There are even more toys on sale!

Diesel-Oh can be bought for around $60, or you can do what I did, and buy the Ressha Seperately, for around $50. Here are links for them all: Diesel Ressha, Tank Ressha, Car Carrier Ressha.

Build DaiOh goes for around $60. With Build DaiOh, Diesel-Oh, and Toq-Oh, you can build a massive giant robot!

Safari Gao Oh goes for around $50. This robot appeared primarily in the movie. This one can certainly be skipped, if all your looking for is the main series mecha.

There are lots of cheaper Ressha for sale, from around $10 to $20. Den-o Ressha and Kyouryuuger Ressha mix and match different series into Toq-Oh.

Then, if you REALLY want to, Hyper TeiOh -- the final Carrier Mecha of the series, goes for around $100. (Check to make sure wether Free Shipping is included or not! It makes a big difference, considering how big a toy like this one is!) Hyper TeiOh is also offered at Big Bad Toystore, for $140. They are charging more, but if Amazon sellers don't provide free shipping with this item, it can be cheaper to get it from BigBadToystore, which ships from inside America, I believe.

Mind you -- the prices listed above WILL NOT last. I bought Kyouryuuger Robots near the end of its run, and those toys are now running $100, instead of the bargin basement prices I originally found. So if you can afford it, its a good idea to jump on these products now, rather than later.

Also - please tell me if you might consider giving ToQger another chance? What is your opinion of the series?

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