Saturday, June 6, 2015

Ranger Profile: Ninninger Starninger

Kinji Takigawa (キンジ・タキガワ)/Starninger (スターニンジャー Sutāninjā)

Kinji Takigawa is the Yokai Hunter (妖怪ハンター Yōkai Hantā) from the United States who wants to become Yoshitaka's disciple. He speaks the old Edo dialect because he learned Japanese with jidaigeki and rakugo. He takes selfies with Yokai and also makes plaster casts of Yokai footprints. His father and older brother were both Yokai Hunters, but were killed by Yokai when he was a child.

He transforms into the gold-colored Starninger by inserting a Transformation Nin Shuriken into the Ninja Star Burger (忍者スターバーガー Ninja Sutā Bāgā) which functions as a smartphone with a Yokai alert system and can also be used to summon his Otomonin. His Technique Nin Shuriken-compatible main weapon is the electric guitar-themed Star Sword Gun (スターソードガン Sutā Sōdo Gan) which has sword and gun modes and can be used to perform the Winning Rock Star (ウイニングロックスター Uiningu Rokku Sutā) and Lightning Rock Star (ライトニングロックスター Raitoningu Rokku Sutā) finishing attacks.

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